Spanish course for beginners

The first step into your Spanish learning journey

  • You want to speak Spanish

  • You have a busy schedule 

  • You have tried before and fail

I got you covered

I have created this program this program with you in mind. 




-You that are too busy to take a weekly commitment


-You that think learning a Spanish is not for you


-You that are an introvert and hate talking in front of a crowd


 In this 8 weeks online course you will be able to learn Spanish:



-at your own pace


-going through the content as many times as you want


-in the comfort of your own home



This course is an online and "self-study" 8 weeks for beginners I write "self-study" using quotation marks as the modules (units) will be released week by week, why? Because learning a new language can be overwhelming and if the 8 modules were up from the beginning will be easier for you to get distracted and jump from lesson to lesson, so this week by week lesson system will make you focus in one unit a week in the right order, so you will have the road map to follow and the overwhelm will be less.


Although the course is programmed to last  8 weeks, after those 8 weeks you will have lifetime access to the course, and all the materials will be in the platform, so  there is not rush, you can really work the course at your own pace, and get back to it as many times as you want or need to.


During the time of 8 weeks we will cover the basic of the Spanish language, that will become your foundation to develop your Spanish language skills.


I think this online course is a great way to step into the Spanish learning process, as it will give you all the materials you need as well as the confident you have an structure to follow.

Don't tell me more,

I am in!


Meet the teacher 

Blanca de la Torre, Spanish teacher and creator

Hola, I am Blanca, a Spanish certificated teacher and creator of this online Spanish course for beginners. Teaching Spanish is my passion, and after teaching it for over 8 years, both, in person (private and groups) and online I decided to create an online course to teach people all around the world. In this online course I have combined all my experience as a teacher to provide the best online Spanish learning experience.

By taking this course you will:

Be in control of your time

The course is very flexible.

You will always find time to go through the course depending on your timetable.

You won't need to stop your plans because you have a lesson to go to.

Have a library of resources

In this course you will find videos , transcripts, notebooks and exercises you can go through as many times as you want.

Communicate in Spanish

By the end of the programme you will be able to have a basic conversation in Spanish. 

You could talk about things such as things you like or need.

¡Hola!  Me llamo Steven.  Blanca has been my Spanish tutor for over a year and, in that time, she has become more than a teacher…she has become a friend.  A friend who I look forward to seeing when we have a lesson scheduled.  She’s intelligent, prompt, able to explain the finer points of the Spanish language, and always - always! - cheerful.  Finally, and very important in a teacher, Blanca is patient.  I wish you the best in your studies and remember - ¡Blanca es una profesora excelente!

Steven Murphy. Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Blanca has been the best teacher. I had tried learning by myself but couldn’t stay motivated and I had tried attending group classes but couldn’t stay focused. Learning with Blanca has been great.

I can’t believe that I struggled so much with the basics and thought that learning a language might not be for me and now thanks to Blanca’s patience we spend every lesson chatting away in Spanish! I recommend her highly.

Francesca Kelsey, Edinburgh, U.K.

What is inside the course?

Inside the Spanish course for beginners  you will find 8 modules, each of them with one or two lessons. 

Each lesson comes with the video lesson, the transcript for the video, and a notebook with all the theory and exercises to practice (all the exercises come with their answers), and some of the lessons have an attached document.



The basics

-The alphabet and pronunciation

- Useful sentences



The noun (gender and number)

- You will learn how the nouns and adjectives in Spanish work and the foundation to make sentences



-Personal pronouns

-verb to be I –introducing yourself and introducing others


Talking about your family

- verb to have

- the family



Describing yourself and others

-physical descriptions



Starting to talk

-Present tense of the regular verbs


Asking questions

-interrogative pronouns



Talk about things you like or you don’t

-Verb to like

And some cool bonus

among other things in the bonus we will cover.

  • Numbers

    Asking and giving the time.

    Saying the date.

  • Talk about the weather

    Because....who does not love a weather chat.?

  • Needs

    Talking about things you need or you want.


  • Colours

Get Instant Access to the course!

Buy the course now and get instant access to module 1 and the bonus lessons. 

“In my final year of university, I was struggling with my Spanish in a rigid academic setting. Blanca helped me with my speaking and writing once a week and I always looked forward to her classes—they were exactly what I needed. Blanca is patient and adapts lessons to your needs, whilst pushing you to constantly improve. I now live in Barcelona and use Spanish confidently every day, something that I have Blanca to thank for!”

Kirsty Finlayson, Edinburgh, U.K.

  • Who is this course for?

  • In a few word we could say that this course is for high achievers, that are motivated to learn the language, and need the road map to make it happen!


    In more words...

  • This course is for beginners, people who has not studied Spanish before, as we will cover the basic of the Spanish language, this course is the foundation for your future learning


  • This course is also for people who has studied Spanish before but think that they are missing something, and they are not too sure they got the foundations of the language right.


  • If you have tried a Spanish course before and it did not work for you, you need to give this course a try, as it is self pace, so you won't feel the pressure you feel in a group class.



  • Although you will have support this course is mainly self study, so you need to be a very motivated person, who likes a challenge and you know you are able to reach your goals.


  • This course is perfect for you if you have a busy schedule but you are a driven person, as the course will give you the flexibility to study at your own pace, and to get your goals, as long as you do the work.s.


Who is this course not for?

This course is not for you if you just want a quick way to learn Spanish, this course will set the foundations for your future learning, and we will be learning grammar and how the Spanish language work.


This course gives you the tool so you can start thinking in Spanish, it does not give you structure sentences.


Therefore, this course is not for you if you are not willing to put the work that takes to learn a language, you will need to put time aside to go through the videos, read the notebooks and do the exercises.

Are you in?



Keith Cummings, Dublin, Ireland


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need to complete the course in 8 weeks ?

How long do I have access to the course for ?

Do you offer a refund ?

What are the materials ?

Do I need to have any Spanish knowledge before taking the course?

Ready to start your Spanish 

learning journey?




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